Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I have resisted blogging for a long time. Having written my books and written my pieces and articles, and produced my website, I hoped thereby to reach the 10% who can think intelligently about the human condition, and the 2% who could think outside the box of cultural conditioning to see the plight of our fellow hairless apes, Homo sapiens on planet Earth. Having spent 30+ years teaching in classrooms to the upper 10%, hoping against hope they understood the message directed at them from the handful of the relatively awakened, I ended up discouraged and yet at the same time elated. The few have indeed gotten the message and have responded, and I have fed them as best I could over the Internet, as they have fed me.

And then my daughter, my beloved Kate, did her blog and I find it so engaging and such a remarkable medium that I can no longer resist. But unlike hers, this blog will have nothing to do with family happenings, which I consider irrelevant to anyone other than family and friends, and will have entirely to do with the truth of the human condition.

The human condition is one of crisis. A crisis of morality, of destiny, of environmental adaptation, of existence, and of self-understanding. We are a species of primate, an anthropoid ape (our closest relatives are the chimps), that has over-prospered to the point of becoming a cancer on the flesh of the planet. We have reached the point demographically, culturally, and technologically that we have threatened the continued existence of life in this thin layer of life-space on planet Earth. Our continued existence as an awakening sentient species in the universe has been compromised by our own greed and ignorance. Ignorance of our being and ignorance of the nature of the limitations and possibilities of planetary existence. We have prospered to the extent that our species has over-populated the planet, and yet our intelligence has not led us to the wisdom of limiting our population and our desires in accordance with planetary resources and our culturally limited technological means. We have failed in the main to understand the role of a planet as a birthplace and source of nurture of sentience -- a process that is no doubt occurring all over the cosmos -- to support our development to a point, and then cast us outwards into space and into solar system and interstellar regions, and to spread our seed throughout the universe in great waves of sentience -- as it were, God becoming progressively aware of Itself.

We are currently on a cusp between (1) seeding ourselves into space in accordance with the universal, orthogenetic imperative to populate the universe with sentience, and (2) our failure to meet the challenge of the planetary cusp and eventual stultification and perhaps annihilation due to our own folly.

This blog will explore the dimensions of this cusp as far as this one frail, self-limited human brainmind can understand it. Much of what I have done along this line has been published heretofore under the title of "biogenetic structuralism." My next entry will summarise this point of view, one developed by me and my late friends John McManus and Eugene G. D'Aquili.


Laughblog said...

I don't know what the sam hill yer talkin about, Da, but it sure looks real smart & real purdy! xo k8

Anonymous said...

A great beginning to your blog! The world has never needed your message more.

Your favourite B.S. Groupie

Stephen Rowntree said...
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Stephen Rowntree said...

Nice to see you in the microwaveable ether, Charlie...I look forard to reading more, and more...